Sean Lee-Davies



Don’t run! What it’s really like to be a safari guide

With Peter Allison

“Conservation used to be about better fences, now it’s about better relationships and I think that is what is going to swing it around. That is where the hope lies” – Peter Allison

In this episode, Sean Lee-Davies speaks to renowned safari guide, best-selling author and conservationist Peter Allison, about everything from the misogyny and rampant colonialism in the wildlife industry to the importance of running sustainable safaris that align with conservation targets in the region.

Though he’s dedicated his entire career towards conservation, Allison grew up far away from Sydney wildlife, where the parrot was the most exciting species he saw. By aged 19, he packed his bags and moved to Africa to start his career as a safari guide, and has since gone on to author three books about his experiences. Allison also recently co-founded a green safari company, Natural Selection


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