Sean Lee-Davies




DJ, investor and yoga instructor, Katrina Razon talks to Sean Lee-Davies about her work in net-zero investing and why we need to change unsustainable businesses from the inside-out.

With Katrina Razon

“Children all over the world are fighting for their futures. It breaks my heart that our leaders aren’t capable of leading, that children have to fight for their own future because we are the first generation to know how our actions directly impact the planet and how these corporations are segregating all of our last remaining wild places out there.” – Katrina Razon.

Founder of KSR Ventures, Katrina Razon’s investments have a focus on early stage companies who are solving social and/or environmental challenges. Her company has invested in a number of companies including fashion brand Dear Frances, who prioritises slow and sustainable practises as well as a sustainable water company that provides clean water at below market value to coastal communities in the Philippines. 

She believes that positive impact can only be accomplished through a team of visionaries who are more driven by empathy for those suffering the problem than a passion for the solution. “I think that in order to affect and change the collective consciousness you need to go into the businesses themselves and demand that they align themselves with sustainable development goals for instance,” Razon says.

In this podcast episode, Razon speaks to Sean Lee-Davies about how she hopes to fight for a more positive future through her investment work as well as her avid love for music as a powerful storytelling medium.


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