Sean Lee-Davies



Living life in the bush

With Mike Myers

“It’s not as though the wildlife and the animals have got any say in it. They live in these areas, these are their areas and they’ve been here since time immemorial. It really is our moral obligation to protect these areas for the wildlife.” – Mike Myers

In this episode Sean Lee-Davies speaks to Mike Myers, the managing director of Xigera Safari Lodge, about his love for Africa’s wilderness and why photography is key to conservation. The duo discuss everything from the importance of using tourism to fund wildlife conservation to building a sustainable hospitality business model. 

Before working at Xigeria, an all-inclusive hotel set in the remote Moremi Game Reserve in the Okavango Delta, Myers spent decades working as a safari guide and wildlife photographer in Botswana, building deep knowledge of the region—knowledge that he’s now using to inspire guests to care about wildlife conservation.


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