Sean Lee-Davies



Diffusing our OCEAN'S TIMEBOMB

With Mellisa Garvey

“Protecting our oceans is one of the greatest challenges that we as a species face and that our planet faces.” – Mellisa Garvey

Our guest, Melissa Garvey, will be sharing an innovative solution that can help you achieve your goal of safeguarding coral reefs and mangroves. Join us as she reveals a game-changing approach that can lead to a flourishing marine environment and ensure the long-term sustainability of these natural wonders.

Melissa Garvey, the Global Director of Ocean Protection at The Nature Conservancy, is a leader driven by her passion for conserving ocean ecosystems. Her lawyer-turned-conservationist journey bears testimony to her resolve and innovative approach, from developing ingenious strategies to protect and restore the ocean & most vital ecosystems to pioneering the concept of Blue Bonds for Ocean Conservation. Meliss’s comprehensive strategies reflect her profound understanding of the ocean, setting a clear path towards a sustainable future for ocean conservation.


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