Sean Lee-Davies




With Bobsy Gaia

Passionate eco-entrepreneur Bobsy Gaia talks to Sean Lee-Davies about his eco-entrepreneurship journey, his love for the Earth and when he realised he wanted to dedicate his life towards preserving the planet.

“I have woken up to realise that we only have one home and that’s our Earth mother—planet Earth, and I have that awareness that I need to dedicate my life to raising awareness about this fundamental intrinsic inherent truth.” – Bobsy Gaia.

Bobsy Gaia is known as a renowned eco-entrepreneur in Hong Kong, founding multiple vegan plant-based restaurants around the city and assisting in planting thousands of trees on Lamma Island, Hong Kong. But serial entrepreneur Gaia shares that his first-ever business venture was actually a Beirut-based fashion company. That all changed when a buyer asked Gaia if his products were eco-friendly. He describes it as his eureka moment that spurred him to change course into creating eco-friendly fashion and later, eco-friendly food.

In this podcast episode, Gaia speaks to Sean Lee-Davies about the plant-based journey and how he started his campaign ‘diet change, not climate change’ to emphasize to people that we need to ‘save the human’ by reducing our consumption of meat and dairy for the sake of ourselves and others.


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