Sean Lee-Davies



Why melting glaciers reflect the state of our planet?

With Craig Leeson

“There where times when Malcolm and I were standing on the summits of mountains in the Himalayas and we would be overcome by emotion. It was that strong.” – Craig Leeson

In this episode Sean Lee-Davies speaks to award-winning filmmaker, climate advocate and entrepreneur Craig Leeson. Best known for his award-winning film ‘A Plastic Ocean’, which featured the likes of Sir. David Attenborough, Sylvia Earle and former US president Barack Obama, Leeson is now turning his attention to another environmental issue: our melting glaciers. Here, Lee-Davies talks to Leeson all about his newest documentary film ‘The Last Glaciers’, as well as how melting glaciers actually affect our economy and environment. The duo also delve into the politics behind the environmental change—and in some cases, the lack thereof. So, Are democracies equipped to fix the climate crisis? Listen to Leeson’s take on the issue to find out.


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