Sean Lee-Davies



Can the fishing industry ever be sustainable

With Christine Hebert

“There are a lot of myths and underreporting going on in the fishing industry and that basically means we aren’t doing a very good job of monitoring how much fish we’re actually pulling out of the sea – Christine Hebert” – Christine Hebert

In our latest podcast episode, we invited Christine Hebert to learn more about the importance of embracing sustainable fishing practices and why more transparency is needed in the fishing industry. We also delved into the harmful consequences of commercial fishing on our environment.

Christine is a passionate conservationist and entrepreneur who embodies innovation while championing environmental sustainability in the fishing industry. Her fascination with fish culture turned into a drive to disrupt the fishing status quo when she moved to Denmark as a student. Together with her co-founder, they founded Blue Lobster, a revolutionary platform connecting small-scale independent fishermen with customers directly, reducing the detrimental impact of commercial fishing methods. Christine’s zeal stemmed from a need for equitable treatment for fishermen but swiftly evolved, addressing the massive environmental footprint left by unsustainable fishing practices.


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