Sean Lee-Davies



How can we avoid green-washing in fashion?

With Christina Dean

“Buy less, buy better, wear more.” – Christina Dean

In this episode of Our Future Nature, Sean Lee-Davies interviews Christina Dean, the founder of Redress and The R Collective, about the intersection of sustainability and fashion’s aspirational appeal. Christina shares her insights and experiences in the fashion industry, discussing the carbon impact of clothing and the importance of taking better care of our clothes.,Join Sean Lee-Davies as he sits down with Christina Dean, a leading figure in sustainable fashion, on this episode of Our Future Nature. The conversation centers around the intriguing connection between sustainability and fashion’s aspirational appeal. Christina highlights the carbon impact of the fashion industry and provides practical tips for reducing our environmental footprint. With her expertise and passion for promoting change in the industry, Christina offers valuable insights that fashion-conscious individuals can apply to align their values with their fashion choices. Tune in to discover how you can make a positive impact on the environment through sustainable fashion practices.


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