Sean Lee-Davies

Andy Cornish

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link DOES ANYONE CARE IF SHARKS BECOME EXTINCT? With Andy Cornish “The Fascination is particularly acute, the media side of things. Any kind of shark fatality, certainly in a western country, immediately becomes major news”– Andy Cornish In this episode we’ll uncover the urgent challenges these majestic creatures are up against. From […]

Ludo Brockway and Mark Galvin

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link EATING OUR WAY OUT OF EXTINCTION With Ludo Brockway & Mark Galvin “Reducing meat and dairy is the easiest, number one way that we can have a positive impact. If we all did it, or just even just a little part of it and just got involved, just jumped on board […]

Christine Hebert

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Can the fishing industry ever be sustainable With Christine Hebert “There are a lot of myths and underreporting going on in the fishing industry and that basically means we aren’t doing a very good job of monitoring how much fish we’re actually pulling out of the sea – Christine Hebert” – […]

Christina Dean

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link How can we avoid green-washing in fashion? With Christina Dean “Buy less, buy better, wear more.” – Christina Dean In this episode of Our Future Nature, Sean Lee-Davies interviews Christina Dean, the founder of Redress and The R Collective, about the intersection of sustainability and fashion’s aspirational appeal. Christina shares her […]

Maryam Pasha

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link INSPIRING CHANGE IN THE FACE OF CLIMATE CRISES With Maryam Pasha “Our role is not to convince people to care about climate change, but to show them that the solutions for climate change are also the solutions for the things they care about.” – Maryam Pasha Maryam Pasha sheds light on […]

Arizona Muse

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link FASHIONS’S DIRTY BIG SECRET With Arizona Muse “We can’t do our work as responsible citizens and for the earth until we take care of ourselves because if you are not well, if you feel great and joyful about life, you won’t share wellness and joy with your work to the earth” […]

Mellisa Garvey

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Diffusing our OCEAN’S TIMEBOMB With Mellisa Garvey “Protecting our oceans is one of the greatest challenges that we as a species face and that our planet faces.” – Mellisa Garvey Our guest, Melissa Garvey, will be sharing an innovative solution that can help you achieve your goal of safeguarding coral reefs […]

Josh Tetrick

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Living life in the bush With Josh Tetrick “Ultimately, I want to figure out how to live in a world where I know the majority of the meat produced on that day didn’t require the slaughter of an animal. It’s not going to be easy and not always going to be […]

Mike Myers

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Living life in the bush With Peter Allison “It’s not as though the wildlife and the animals have got any say in it. They live in these areas, these are their areas and they’ve been here since time immemorial. It really is our moral obligation to protect these areas for the […]

Peter Allison

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Don’t run! What it’s really like to be a safari guide With Peter Allison “Conservation used to be about better fences, now it’s about better relationships and I think that is what is going to swing it around. That is where the hope lies” – Peter Allison In this episode, Sean […]