Sean Lee-Davies

Mellisa Garvey

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Diffusing our OCEAN’S TIMEBOMB With Mellisa Garvey “Protecting our oceans is one of the greatest challenges that we as a species face and that our planet faces.” – Mellisa Garvey Our guest, Melissa Garvey, will be sharing an innovative solution that can help you achieve your goal of safeguarding coral reefs […]

Josh Tetrick

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Living life in the bush With Josh Tetrick “Ultimately, I want to figure out how to live in a world where I know the majority of the meat produced on that day didn’t require the slaughter of an animal. It’s not going to be easy and not always going to be […]

Mike Myers

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Living life in the bush With Peter Allison “It’s not as though the wildlife and the animals have got any say in it. They live in these areas, these are their areas and they’ve been here since time immemorial. It really is our moral obligation to protect these areas for the […]

Peter Allison

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Don’t run! What it’s really like to be a safari guide With Peter Allison “Conservation used to be about better fences, now it’s about better relationships and I think that is what is going to swing it around. That is where the hope lies” – Peter Allison In this episode, Sean […]

Franziska Trautmann

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link SMASHING THE GLASS CEILING, CAN TIKTOK BETTER OUR WORLD? With Franziska Trautmann “Glass Half full was two individuals who decided to do something about a problem, but eventually we built a community around it and now we have recycled over 2 ½ million pounds of glass, just because individuals decided to […]

Craig Leeson

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Why melting glaciers reflect the state of our planet? With Craig Leeson “There where times when Malcolm and I were standing on the summits of mountains in the Himalayas and we would be overcome by emotion. It was that strong.” – Craig Leeson In this episode Sean Lee-Davies speaks to award-winning […]

Andy Cornish

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Why preventing shark and ray extinction is not enough With Andy Cornish “It’s only by an all hands on deck situation where we are going to have any hope of reversing the current extinction trajectories of so many species.” – Andy Cornish In this episode, Sean Lee-Davies speaks to Andy Cornish, […]

People, Profits, Planet

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link #001PEOPLE, PROFITS, PLANET DJ, investor and yoga instructor, Katrina Razon talks to Sean Lee-Davies about her work in net-zero investing and why we need to change unsustainable businesses from the inside-out. With Katrina Razon “Children all over the world are fighting for their futures. It breaks my heart that our leaders […]

Cancel Culture

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link #002CANCEL CULTURE –Is it hurting environmentalism? With Adam Raby Sean Lee-Davies speaks to Adam Raby, founder sustainable Hong Kong-based fashion brand Māzú Resortwear, on how he’s working to create multi-purpose and affordable fashion items that are good for the planet. “The key thing is to make sure that [in fashion] things […]


PODCASTS Share: Copy Link #003WASTE TO WEALTH, THE WAY OF VEGA Sébastien Kopp, the co-founder of sustainable shoe brand VEJA, speaks to Sean Lee-Davies about how his brand is revolutionising the sneaker industry through its safe and sustainable business production chain.  With Sébastien Kopp “We eradicate marketing, we eradicate advertising, we eradicate sponsoring, we eradicate […]