Andy Cornish

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link Why preventing shark and ray extinction is not enough With Andy Cornish “It’s only by an all hands on deck situation where we are going to have any hope of reversing the current extinction trajectories of so many species.” – Andy Cornish In this episode, Sean Lee-Davies speaks to Andy Cornish, […]

People, Profits, Planet

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link #001PEOPLE, PROFITS, PLANET DJ, investor and yoga instructor, Katrina Razon talks to Sean Lee-Davies about her work in net-zero investing and why we need to change unsustainable businesses from the inside-out. With Katrina Razon “Children all over the world are fighting for their futures. It breaks my heart that our leaders […]

Cancel Culture

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link #002CANCEL CULTURE –Is it hurting environmentalism? With Adam Raby Sean Lee-Davies speaks to Adam Raby, founder sustainable Hong Kong-based fashion brand Māzú Resortwear, on how he’s working to create multi-purpose and affordable fashion items that are good for the planet. “The key thing is to make sure that [in fashion] things […]


PODCASTS Share: Copy Link #003WASTE TO WEALTH, THE WAY OF VEGA Sébastien Kopp, the co-founder of sustainable shoe brand VEJA, speaks to Sean Lee-Davies about how his brand is revolutionising the sneaker industry through its safe and sustainable business production chain.  With Sébastien Kopp “We eradicate marketing, we eradicate advertising, we eradicate sponsoring, we eradicate […]

Designing Your Life

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link #004DESIGNING YOUR LIFE. HOW DO PEOPLE RE-INVENT THEMSELVES? With Bill Burnett Bill Burnett, the executive director of the Stanford University Design Program and co-author of NYT bestselling book, Designing Your Life, teaches you how to design and redesign your life plan—and explains the benefits of doing so. “One way of looking […]

Diet Change

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link The Last Glaciers #005DIET CHANGE; NOT CLIMATE CHANGE With Bobsy Gaia Passionate eco-entrepreneur Bobsy Gaia talks to Sean Lee-Davies about his eco-entrepreneurship journey, his love for the Earth and when he realised he wanted to dedicate his life towards preserving the planet. “I have woken up to realise that we only […]

The Last Glaciers

PODCASTS Share: Copy Link The Last Glaciers #006Making the most important film of our time With Malcolm Wood Adventurer, athlete and entrepreneur Malcolm Wood speaks to Sean Lee-Davies about what we can do on an individual and societal level to reduce our carbon emissions as well as steps you can take to become a sustainable […]