Sean Lee-Davies



Is it hurting environmentalism?

With Adam Raby

Sean Lee-Davies speaks to Adam Raby, founder sustainable Hong Kong-based fashion brand Māzú Resortwear, on how he’s working to create multi-purpose and affordable fashion items that are good for the planet.

“The key thing is to make sure that [in fashion] things are used more than once and for more than one season.” – Adam Raby.

The founder of Māzú Resortwear, Adam Raby keeps sustainability at the core of his business. The brand incorporates recycled plastic into its products with the goal of transitioning its entire range to recycled plastic by 2026. It also donates proceeds to the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society. 

Raby credits his lifelong love for the ocean and its conservation to his family history—his father was an avid sailor and his grandfather served in the navy. The brand also pays homage to Hong Kong’s rich maritime history through its designs, blending traditional Chinese accents and colours with local motifs and modern designs. 

Here, Raby talks to Sean Lee-Davies about his responsibility to make sustainable choices while working in the fashion industry, as well as what’s next for Māzú Resortwear—namely, the rise of multi-purpose garments, which can help lower fashion wastage and ensure that garments are used for more than just one season. 


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