Sean Lee-Davies




With Arizona Muse

“We can’t do our work as responsible citizens and for the earth until we take care of ourselves because if you are not well, if you feel great and joyful about life, you won’t share wellness and joy with your work to the earth” – Arizona Muse

In this episode Arizona highlighted the environmental impact of conventional cotton farming. She explained that the heavy use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers not only harms the soil but also contributes to water pollution and the loss of biodiversity. This unsustainable approach not only degrades soil health but also poses risks to human health and the surrounding ecosystem.

Arizona Muse is not your typical supermodel. Alongside her impressive modeling career, she is a passionate environmental advocate and founder of the charity, Dirt. With a focus on sustainability in the fashion industry, Arizona has become a leading voice in promoting the importance of soil in fashion. Through her work, she highlights the connection between agriculture and fashion, emphasizing that every thread of clothing has its roots in the ground. Arizona’s journey towards environmental activism has transformed her perspective on self-worth and well-being, leading her to advocate for change and inspire others to make a positive impact. With her unique insights and commitment to sustainability, Arizona Muse brings a fresh perspective to the intersection of fashion and environmental consciousness.


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