Sean Lee-Davies



Lee-Davies gave a Tedx Talk in both 2013 and 2015, where he discussed his work in environmental conservation as well as his work through Project C:CHANGE and its augmented reality photography exhibition, ‘Love is Wild’.

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Love is Wild - TEDx Kowloon

Sean Lee-Davies speaks at Tedx about what made him realise he wanted to create purposeful content that gives a voice to those who aren’t able to share their stories—in particular, conservation issues and the global loss of biodiversity. Watch the video to learn more about the illegal wildlife trade and what we can do about it.

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Glam to Grease - TEDx Wanchai

A sometimes challenging yet always inspirational journey by Sean Lee-Davies, the conservationist and photojournalist sets out to deliver a cutting-edge biofuel converter to an orphanage in Cambodia to help solve their energy needs. This required him to drive nearly 3,000km from Singapore to Cambodia powered solely on converted waste cooking oil, reporting on innovative green and biofuel projects along the way.

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Will COVID-19 Wake Us Up to the Climate Catastrophe?

I sat down with Deena Robinson from a while back and discussed the role false beliefs and consumer culture play in the climate catastrophe we’re facing, and what we can learn form the current global pandemic as it pertains to the mishandling of wildlife.

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Passion and Purpose - TEDx Centennial College

Sean has done numerous TEDx talks but he is still able to amaze the audience with new issues that we should be aware of. As sustainability is starting to be the ‘new trend’ in society, there are limited amounts of work that directly impact society. Sean has travelled to many places and has experienced the consequences of not being aware of sustainability.