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Our Future Nature


In this podcast episode, Wood speaks to Sean Lee-Davies about his career and the lengths he has gone to raise awareness about environmental issues. The duo discusses what we can do on an individual and societal level to reduce our carbon emissions as well as steps Wood has taken to become a sustainable entrepreneur. 


Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Sean Lee-Davies led a team of celebrities, impact investors and artists up Africa’s tallest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, in 2020 to raise awareness about climate change. The team of 12 presses on through intense rainstorms, snow and high elevation levels, relying on each other to keep their spirits high and get to the top. Watch their journey here.


Lee-Davies specialises in documentary photography and has been creating impactful work for over two decades. His work has taken him all across Asia and Africa, and he continues to use his art to raise awareness about endangered species and other conservation issues worldwide.


Lee-Davies has long been an advocate for the natural world, working to highlight the plight of endangered species around the globe through photography, TV shows and social media. In 2010, Lee-Davies founded the social enterprise and media platform Project C: CHANGE, which works to shed light and provide insight into climate change and conservation issues. He has also produced shows for National Geographic and hosted a 6-part TV eco-adventure show ‘Adventures to the Edge’ on TVB.

Lee Davies’ company, Awethentic Gallery, also works with a number of charities and non-profits, ranging from social impact to conservation, and donates 10% of every purchase made to charity.


Over the last ten years, Lee-Davies has founded two companies and one social enterprise. Pairing his passion for art and technology, he founded Awethentic Studio, an augmented reality agency that produces high-quality digital experiences for brands across the globe, and Awethentic Gallery, a platform that harnesses the power of art to create positive environmental impact. And in 2011, Lee-Davies created social enterprise Project C:CHANGE, which works to shed light and provide insight into climate change and conservation issues.

Host, Author and Speaker

A renowned thought leader in the green economy, sustainability, and biodiversity, Sean has given talks across Asia including three TedXT talks.

He is also an accomplished emcee and has hosted several events, functions, and charity balls for brands ranging from BMW, Breitling, and The Marina Bay Sands to the charities such as The Jane Goodall Foundation.